Observations Of A Doctor On CBD Oil Healing Chronic Pain

CBD Chronic Pain

For more than thirty five years I have been practicing pediatric medicine and surgery. My training was in the traditional paradigm of surgery and medications. Once I started practicing I had a believe that I was very skilled and knowledgeable. When I practiced for 5 years in my private practice I began to see the reality.
I noted that medication only made patients feel better and if they decided to stop using the medicine the pain would return. Whenever I did surgery on a patient the results would be as expected but the patients would later develop problems which would require to be handled professionally. This made me realize that the training of doctors is usually geared towards training them to deal with a symptom complex. As doctors we apply our skills to make diagnosis and then proceed to make an attempt in dealing with the symptoms with a hope that their will be no recurrence on our patients. For some of the patients there would not be recurrence but for a big percentage recurrence would happen.

The Problem of Only Addressing the Symptoms

It is true that not having enough opiates on the bloodstream is not what causes pain. This shows that just controlling the symptoms will lead to other issues arising. A good example is that controlling painful and chronic inflammation using anti-inflammatory medicines will also have a negative effect on the primary inflammation’s pathway. So, by controlling the inflammation we interfere with the ability of the body to repair and detoxify. When the body is not able to detoxify properly eventually one is affected by diseases which are degenerative such as cancer.

After about thirty year ago I started to approach healing in a different manner where after diagnosing a patient I did not treat the symptoms immediately. I started to wonder why the patients usually have those diagnoses at those particular times. I legalized that it all goes down to understanding the factors in the patients epigenetic such as diet, environment and lifestyle. Understanding the epigenetic should be followed by understanding how they affect the immune system negatively. Whenever the immune system is affected negatively the health of the patient will definitely decline. Consequently, ensuring that homeostasis is reestablished is the key to health care. Our patient should be healthier after we treat them.


CBD oil has proven to be the most effective substance when it comes to providing proper treatment that will not have negative side effects. The oil works by opening the pathways that are involved in proper maintenance of homeostasis. These wonder molecules achieve this through biding directly to receptor sites which are on the peripheral nervous system, immune system and the central nervous system. These particular systems are naturally designed to bind with the neurotransmitters and endogenous endorphins. This enhances production of signals which enliven the primary inflammation. This in turn enhances inhibitory neurotransmission consequently allowing deeper and better sleep. The importance of this is that primary inflammation is most active here. This also works by eliminating stress signals which usually result to anxiety while at the same time interfering with the function of the immune system. It also ensures that the activities of the brain are normal and at the same time improving digestion. When digestion is improved the body is able to utilize and assimilate nutrients in a better manner. The best thing about this is that the patients enjoy all these benefits without experiencing any form of side effects.

Knowing that bioavailability is the main aspect of all medications and nutrients is very important. The word bioavailability simply means that the molecules’ size is readily assimilated on the level of cellular. The smaller molecules are usually more bioavailable that the bigger ones. Because of this the smaller molecules are the ones that have bigger effect and as a result they are more successful.

It is worth noting that there are different types of CBD oils and they have different qualities. The CBD oil that is pure is usually processed through nanotechnology and has the biggest effect. You should be aware that in the market today you will find many types of CBD oil which are inferior. But the one with a molecular delivery size of thirty nanometers has been proven to work well. Currently I recommend this particular type of CBD oil to most of my patients and it has helped many of them to deal with the pain they have been going through. This particular type is what is missing in the practice when it comes to helping patient who are suffering from chronic pain.

Being a doctor who is very dedicating to help my patients heal using natural medicine, I can confirm that CBD oil is the best investment that the patients are making to get improved health.