Carrying CBD Oil on Planes: Legal or Illegal?

CBD Oil on Planes

As of now, only eight States have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. While this is good news for people who love weed, several critical questions have come up, especially in regards to travel. The question on many people’s minds is; is it legal to carry marijuana or its various extracts with you on a plane? While many people would agree that carrying actual weed on an airplane is not a good idea, many would like clarification about CBD oil and other extracts.

Before we discuss the topic further, there is an important question we should address. Why would anyone want to bring CBD oil on an airplane in the first place? For many people, flying ranks as the most stressful and anxiety inducing activity, and with good reason. First of all, you have to worry about the long lines at the airport, the numerous security checks, lost luggage and having to deal with obnoxious travelers. As if that is not enough, you then have to travel in a metal tube thousands of feet above the ground.

To deal with such anxiety, some people resort to taking prescription pills, others look for comfort in alcoholic beverages while some just opt to get high on pot edibles. Taking weed edibles has however resulted in some very negative reactions, where more harm than good was done. One of the reported cases involved a passenger who claimed that eating pot cookies made him attack passengers and flight attendants. To avoid such negative effects of weed, take CBD oil instead.

The CBD oil is extracted from cannabis or from hemp, and is also a great anxiety reliever. What makes it better than actual weed is that it lacks THC, the substance responsible for hallucinations and psychotic behavior. So if you are a nervous flier, CBD oil offers a natural solution for your anxiety, without any of the negative side effects of cannabis. Some health professionals actually recommend CBD oil in place of pills or booze.

Now that we have established that CBD oil is good for you while flying, the question still persists; can you bring CBD oil on Planes? Part of the reason why many people are confused is because the TSA has not given precise guidelines on this matter. As you might already know, airports are under federal law, and so is the TSA. Federal law still prohibits the use of recreational marijuana. This means that traveling with the dried flower of cannabis or pot cookies is actually illegal, even if the State you are traveling to or from has legalized weed use. CBD oil is, however, a different case.

Here is what you need to understand; the DEA and the FDA are only concerned about weed because it contains THC, the chemical that makes people high. CBD oil, especially the one extracted from hemp, contains a very small amount of THC. The TSA will stop you from carrying CBD oil on an airplane if it contains more than 0.3 percent THC.

CBD oil that is derived from hemp has very little THC, in most cases lower than the 0.3 percent. CBD oil extracted from cannabis, however, in most cases contains a higher amount of THC. Bear in mind that most of the CBD oil sold over the counter is derived from cannabis and is therefore likely to be considered illegal. So to answer the question, yes, it is legal to bring CBD oil on a plane, but there are some terms and conditions.

To be on the safer side, carry CBD oil that is extracted from hemp rather than cannabis. Two, ensure that the CBD oil you choose has a THC content of lesser than 0.3%. If the THC content is not specified on the label, you might still be on the safe side. Even if you happen to violate any of these requirements, you are not likely to get into too much trouble since the law is not very clear on CBD oils. Finally, since CBD oil is a liquid, it still has to be under 3.4 ounces in volume for it to be allowed on a plane. In conclusion, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD oil on an airplane, but only if you carefully follow the recommended guidelines.