Can Pot’s Cannabidiol Make it into Mainstream Medical Treatment?

With medical pot now legal in 23 states and the state of Columbia, many patients may be thinking about, ‘Is it right for me personally?’ ‘Can it help treat my condition?’ The answer is both “maybe” and “let’s delay and find out,” depending on condition, each patient’s particular medical diagnosis, and the results of future […]

CBD Oil and Anxiety

This article pulls a great deal of research from Nordic Oil’s wiki page, “CBD for Anxiety“. (Nordic Oil offers a variety of products, particularly oils and e-liquids, which we strongly recommend for treating Anxiety.) What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a disorder caused primarily by low serotonin level in the brain and can strongly impact one’s […]

CBD Oil and its uses

There are several misconceptions surrounding the use of cannabis plants and that has turn many people. Cannabis can be beneficial to you even without a caveat; some of the presumed side-effects of using this plant include; short-term memory loss, severe anxiety and a lowered reaction-time. Many people lack adequate knowledge about Marijuana, its uses and […]

CBD oil is very effective for many purposes except during breastfeeding.

However, it is very important to kow what is CBD. The name CBD usually refers to cannabidiol. Cbd oil generally is extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant. Marijuana plant produces two substances THC and CBD, hence both substances usually produce different results. The THC substance is known for mind-altering; generally, it effectively creates a […]